You Run a Business. Surround Yourself with Those That Will Support That Business | Taylor Worthington

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What kind of impact do your values and community have on your growth?

Taylor Worthington is a Small Business Development Officer for Wells Fargo in Northern Colorado focusing on healthcare and commercial real estate. Taylor works with external prospective business owners, and he brings a great deal of knowledge and the vast array of products and services Wells Fargo offers to the table. He is also a competitive drone racer and he participates in local races where the mantra is “Build, Fly, Crash, Repeat.” Taylor believes that growth process in business is very similar and uses that mantra as inspiration in his work. He helps business owners by observing what they’ve built, finding the source of their “crashes,” digging into the finances to find the root of the issue, and proposing changes and solutions. Taylor loves helping business owners connect (or reconnect) with their “why,” ensuring that their business growth is aligned with their values, mission, and goals.

To get in touch with Taylor or to check out some resources from Wells Fargo, please visit:

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Start With Why by Simon Sinek

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