What the Post-Pandemic Business World Looks Like | Jim Kiernan

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What the Post-Pandemic Business World Looks Like | Jim Kiernan

Where does your money go?

In the last year, we’ve all had to quickly adapt to the chaos and uncertainty that came along with COVID-19. As the pandemic begins to subside (knock on wood!), we’re all re-examining the changes we’ve made and considering what will continue to be important to us. Do we still need all of these apps we’ve signed up for in the last year? Have our telecommunication needs changed? How can we find the line between goods and services that are “worth every penny” and those that are “money vampires” for our businesses?

Our guest this week is Jim Kiernan, a Strategic Partner at Schooley Mitchell. Schooley Mitchell is a cost reduction consulting business that helps reduce expenses in the areas of telecommunications, shipping, credit card processing, waste collection and e-Signature services. He looks for cost savings opportunities to make sure that when you bring money into your business, you’re not sending it straight out the back door to pay for things you don’t actually need. Just like all of us here at Abundant Beans, Jim believes you should keep more of what you make and invest in your goals.

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