What Sort of Ecosystem Have You Created? | Jamie & Company

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What Sort of Ecosystem Have You Created? | Jamie & Company

And how can you keep things going smoothly?

Today’s episode is all about the health and wellbeing of your work and your business! Organizational culture was a hot topic at the start of the pandemic, but the conversation has died down as we began to slowly emerge from the pandemic. That means that now is the perfect time to do a quick check-up on the organizational culture that you worked so hard to create — not as many people are putting in that work right now and that gives you the advantage.

What is work going to look like post-pandemic? How can you ensure that you’ve created a sustainable culture of work/life balance for yourself and your employees? How are you and your employees going to stay motivated? When is the last time you evaluated your prices? It’s time to check the pulse of your ecosystem!

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