Veterinarians! Do You Understand Your Pricing? | Steve Castillo

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Veterinarians! Do You Understand Your Pricing? | Steve Castillo

And do you understand what you’re generating in profit?

You’ve got plans for the future and financial goals that you want to meet. It can be incredibly difficult to figure out how to grow a sustainable practice, meet your goals, and also continue to give the very best service to your clients. How can you do all of these things and do them well? Like we often say, bringing in an expert is a great investment into your business. Outside eyes can help you see your successes as well as your opportunities for growth.

Our guest today is Steve Castillo, the CEO of Profit Solver. Profit Solver is a program that determines the best future pricing to assure desired profit for veterinary practices. Profit Solver helps practices set the right service fees, improve employee output, and create new profit centers. Instead of using industry benchmarks, Profit Solver takes into account variables that are unique to your practice, like your services, your team, your customers, and your goals.

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