The Crashing and Burning That Happens When You Go Against Your Gut | Derek Porter

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If it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it.

Derek Porter is a Marine veteran and entrepreneur. He has had several businesses in the legal cannabis space, including a multi-million dollar national cannabis security company that he started in 2012 and then sold in 2017. After that, he started another surveillance company specific to the cannabis industry, called Resolution Security. His most recent operation and current focus is his new lifestyle brand start-up called Dynamic Warriors. He plans to release his second book, titled “It’s a Lifestyle,” under the Dynamic Warrior flag in 2020. Derek loves to discuss the hardships and the fun factors of creating a new business, the blank canvas aspects, and how you create and breathe something to life. Derek is very passionate about helping people; that passion combined with his time spent in the Marines has driven him find ways to assist fellow veterans. Dynamic Warriors seeks to aid common ailments that plague veterans, including pain, trouble sleeping, depression, anxiety, and PTSD through high potency, broad, and full-spectrum CBD products.

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