Stop Playing Small. What You Do is Incredible! | Tami McVay

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It’s all about courage, confidence, and commitment.

Tami McVay is a Business & Lifestyle Strategist who supports entrepreneurs who are ready to up their game…personally, mentally, professionally…and need help taking it to the next level. From Marine to Mentor, Tami knows what courage, confidence, and commitment it takes to keep driving to make your life and the lives around you better. When she first moved to Colorado, she began going on adventures and retreats with a group of her friends. She realized that she was experiencing a lot of personal growth during those retreats, and she wanted to help others achieve that too. Through her unique adventure retreats and mentoring, Tami helps people become the leader of their lives. She believes that the total immersion into a retreat allows people to experience the freedom that they need while facing the challenges necessary for growth.

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