Social Capital: The Key to Success | Stacy Taubman

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Incredible things happen when women support each other!

Stacy is the founder and CEO of RISE Collaborative, a company that is changing the way women do business. RISE Collaborative includes 400 impressive businesswomen in the St. Louis and Denver areas. Dozens of members report business growth of 150% since they joined RISE Collaborative — a true testament of the benefits of women supporting women. Stacy believes that women supporting each other creates a pipeline to success. When she created RISE Collaborative, she envisioned a shared workspace for women to collaborate, connect with other women, curate a sense of community, and grow professionally and personally. During this time she also created RISE Society, a mentorship program where high school girls can connect with and learn from professional women. Stacy knows the importance of making an impact on the next generation of female leaders, and she loves watching women of all ages succeed.

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