Work Should Give You a Feeling of Accomplishment, Not Defeat! | Josh Allan Dykstra

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Work does not have to be painful to be productive!

I think it goes without saying that we are in the midst of the greatest change to work that we have seen in 100 years. Right now, due to the coronavirus pandemic, we see entire corporations temporarily closing, moving entirely to remote work, and more than that, for the last 10 years new workers have been sharing a view on work that simply didn’t exist for the generation before them. Work can, and in my view should be, something that energizes you. You should gain a sense of accomplishment from what it is that you are doing, and not something that is your penance for simply existing.

Josh and his team have developed systems, philosophies, and massive successes with helping medium to large organizations move a bit quicker to adapt to the changing mindset of the current workforce. “Work has never looked this way before, but it can.”

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