Project V.E.T.S. Saving the Planet One Animal at a Time | Meghan Curtis

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Project V.E.T.S. Saving the Planet One Animal at a Time | Meghan Curtis

Caring for critters and reducing waste

Today our guest is Meghan Curtis, the executive director of Project V.E.T.S. — that stands for Veterinary Equipment, Technology, and Supplies. Project V.E.T.S. collects these valuable resources from veterinary hospitals, veterinary colleges, human hospitals, medical equipment and supply manufacturers, other non-profit organizations, and individuals. The Project V.E.T.S. team distributes these donated items to a worldwide network of veterinarians working in non-profit or non-governmental organizations devoted to animal health.

This year, Project V.E.T.S. is hosting its annual fundraising benefit (Tales for Tails) on Saturday, September 11 at 6:00 PM MST. The benefit will include a silent and “not-so-silent” auction as well as a virtual “trip” around the world to their animal welfare partners in South Africa, Vietnam, Puerto Rico, and the continental United States. The Abundant Beans team are proud sponsors of this benefit! Tickets are free and you can reserve yours today.

To contact Meghan and learn more about Project V.E.T.S., please visit:

Project V.E.T.S.

To sign up for free tickets to the 2021 Project V.E.T.S. annual benefit, please visit:

Tales for Tails

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