Modern Doctor/Owner VetMed Business Lessons | Veronica Sagastume

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Modern Doctor/Owner VetMed Business Lessons | Veronica Sagastume

The first step is to decide to do something.

Veronica Sagastume is a business strategist, CFO consultant, and the owner of BizFit Coaching, Inc. Veronica is an all-around powerhouse with a passion for helping Corporate Accounting Professionals start, run, and grow their own profitable consulting businesses. She encourages people to take inventory of their skills, experience, knowledge, and passions to decide what kind of consultant they could be. She truly loves coaching people through the whole process of getting themselves set up for success, including figuring out their personal branding, content marketing, Veronica knows that you already have everything you need to be a dynamic, prosperous consultant — all you need is someone to guide you and she is here to help you every step of the way!

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