Leaning into Your STRENGTHS | Chris Tabish

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What sets you apart will help you stand out!

Chris Tabish is the co-founder of Venture West Consulting in Silicon Valley whose mission is to help organizations create meaningful strategies and bring them to reality. He is also an active stand up comedian and the author of the book Comediology. Comediology is all about how to be more effective and fulfilled in business by using comedy. Chris found his way into the stand-up comedy community back in 2010 out of desperation to bring more joy into his career and life. After taking his own happiness into consideration, he left his nearly C-level position and began consulting using his unique method of introducing comedic concepts in the corporate world. He noticed the difference in his clients and wrote his book to share his techniques with corporate leaders around the world. Today we talk about the importance of investing in your creativity, comedy as a valuable tool in business, and pocket protectors/pen wrappers.

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