How Your Vibe Can Transform The Community You Serve And The World You Live In | Ron Kitchens

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Creating community through being you!

Ron Kitchens learned extremely early in his life that a job was the key to creating a better life. He has dedicated his life to creating jobs and sustainable economies through his work locally and globally with Southwest Michigan First. In this episode, we discuss the pillars of sustainable economic development and how these are important in creating a place that people want to live, work, raise their children and have those children stay and repeat the life cycle. We also discuss Ron’s new book Uniquely You (linked below) that tells his story of becoming a transparent, fearless leader and is designed to guide leaders in finding their unique self and leadership style with actionable steps all around finding personal joy!

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Ron Kitchens

Books mentioned in this episode:

Uniquely You: Transform Your Organization by Becoming the Leader Only You Can Be - Ron Kitchens

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