How to Set and Achieve Your Business Goals | Robert Clinkenbeard

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How to Set and Achieve Your Business Goals | Robert Clinkenbeard

Think outside your comfort zone!

It is easy to get bogged down in the little things and get caught up in what’s going on here and now. We could waste our whole lives worrying about trivial small stuff. There is so much more to accomplish in life, though! What is driving you forward? What is on your bucket list?

Our guest today is Robert Clinkenbeard is the CEO of The Radix Group, LLC which has offices in Greenville, Phoenix, and the UK. He is a serial entrepreneur, an author, and a four time Ironman. After finishing his first Ironman in 2009, Robert thought his approach to training and preparing for that competition could be helpful to entrepreneurs who needed encouragement to think outside of their comfort zones. Having sold his $20M company, he now has several franchises, multiple real estate investments and the largest Peer Group facilitation company in the US, all while raising a large family. Robert is also a senior leader in the Entrepreneur’s Organization and therefore understands the challenges of CEO’s within growing companies.

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