How Live Chat Brings that “In-Person” Experience to the Internet | Beth Bogan

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How Live Chat Brings that "In-Person" Experience to the Internet | Beth Bogan

Talk to a real person!

Ace Chat, a leader in live chat operations for business websites, has been connecting prospects on the precipice of buying and real, live humans to help them make the decision to buy. Beth Bogan, the owner, is just like many business owners - she is systematically working through different processes to find what works, and then refining it to what works the best.

We all have heard the most often repeated argument against online shopping: "I like to go into the store and get that in-person experience." Beth and her team have been focused on creating that experience by allowing your potential and current customers to chat with a live human from the comfort of their own home. They don't even need to get dressed!

I can dress this up with funny analogies and metaphors all day long, but here is the bottom line: live chat works! Studies show that 38% of people say that after having a live chat with a brand, they made a purchase; on top of that that, 42% of people say prefer Live Chat while ONLY 16% say they want these conversations to take place on social media.

Beth is a real business leader, elevating her team and clients over any silly ego nonsense, and today, I am proud to have her as a guest on the Abundant Beans Podcast!

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