Functioning is NOT Flourishing | Josh Vaisman

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Can you cultivate resilience?

Josh Vaisman is back! Josh is a positive psychology practitioner and co-founder of Flourish Veterinary Consulting. He believes that all veterinary professionals deserve to feel fulfilled by their work each and every day. Additionally, he believes that people are inherently resilient and we can function much better if we acknowledge the less than ideal situation, embrace the suck, and look for what we can control by asking ourselves, “What else is here?” Josh knows that in times of crisis, effective leaders don’t put on airs of false positivity. Instead, they are vulnerable and they embrace the reality of the situation. Effective leaders give people the space to honor their humanity and approach crises with honesty and vulnerability. This sort of reaction to uncertainty creates a great environment for teams to look into what they do have control over and what they can collaborate on to make things better. Resilient leaders focus on sharing a lot more and micromanaging less when chaos ensues.

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Episode 53

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