Financial Literacy Sets Businesses Free! | Echo Huang

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Financial Literacy Sets Businesses Free! | Echo Huang

Experts can simplify the process for you.

Business owners and entrepreneurs are so driven to do their best and run a successful business, but the pathway to success can be really complex and difficult to understand. Breaking everything down into more manageable, bite-sized pieces is great way to moderate this complexity, especially when it comes to financial planning. Our guest today, Echo Huang, strives to help people understand their finances and to simplify that aspect of running their business and planning for the future.

Echo Huang is the founder and President of Echo Wealth Management, the author of Own Your Future, and a “recovering” CPA. Echo left China at age 20 to cross the ocean with nothing but $800 and the hope of achieving the American Dream. Her courage and dedication fueled her journey through the business world over the next twenty years, gaining experience working in financial planning firms of all sizes before venturing off on her own. Today, Echo helps the country’s top executives and entrepreneurs take the complexity out of their finances, giving them the confidence to follow their dreams and achieve their goals.

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