Evolving Your Vet Med Business in 2021 | Rob Trimble

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Evolving Your Vet Med Business in 2021 | Rob Trimble

Innovation is part of growth!

Dr. Rob Trimble is a future-focused veterinarian and entrepreneur with a passion for innovating at the intersection of medical technology and organizational design. Before graduating, Rob saw how quickly technology was changing in veterinary medicine. Knowing that change can be uncomfortable, Rob decided that he better get comfortable with the inevitable growing pains of veterinary medicine. From very near the beginning of his career, Rob has worked in innovative spaces in the vet med industry. Now he is the executive director for the Veterinary Entrepreneurship Academy (VEA), a non-profit organization that’s on a mission to accelerate innovation and entrepreneurship from within the veterinary profession starting with veterinary students.

If you are a veterinary student and you’d like to apply for VEA’s Summer Internship Program, you can apply here:

2021 Summer Internship Program

(Applications are due by March 14th, so hustle and get your application turned in. The ABP Team wishes you the very best of luck!)

To contact Rob, please visit:

Veterinary Entrepreneurship Academy

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