Everything Marketing in 2021 | The Coolest People in the World

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Everything Marketing in 2021 | The Coolest People in the World

Business has changed forever, and we don't yet know all of the ways it has.

How we communicate with our customers, how we present ourselves, and how we seek out our ideal clients is always changing; but 2021 is a special case. So today we present you with several experts that are leaders in their respective fields. Chala Dinoy takes us through how to craft a niche message for your ideal clients by focusing on the pain point that you can fix for them. Peter Brissette answers the question of where you should truly invest your marketing dollars by looking at what you own and what you rent, as far as marketing goes. Stephen Andrews takes a look at content creation, how long it should take, and what you need to portray. Finally, Angela Henderson nails the most important thing about branding, how do you make your customers feel?

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