Eliminate Your Vulnerabilities, and Focus on the One or Two Things That You are Good At | KC Trudy

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Spend more time doing the things that make you money!

KC Trudy has a ton of valuable experience in accounting and business ownership. He has bought 21 failing businesses over the course of 50 years, fixed the obvious mistakes, and sold them at a profit. In the 1990s, he sold over 1 million audio cassettes on building a business. By 2003, he owned the largest QuickBooks trading company with 400 locations. In 2015, KC created Autokept, a free app that uses voice recognition and images to help small business owners keep track of mileage, income, and expenses. One thing KC wants to stress to business owners is how important it is to stay on top of bookkeeping. He is also a big believer in limiting the number of clients you do business with to ensure that you’re building meaningful relationships with each client. KC’s biggest piece of advice for business owners is simple but powerful: have dinner with your family. We love that!

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