Cyber Crime is on the Rise! Are You Prepared? | Jackson Brigg

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All the recent changes in our daily lives have created the perfect storm for a security breach.

Jackson Brigg is a security specialist at Practice Protect, where he works with the accounting and bookkeeping industries. Practice Protect is an accounting-specific cyber security platform that services firms across the United States, Canada, and Australia. Jackson knows the value of having a single sign-on solution for online and cloud-based applications, and he enjoys talking to business owners about what they can do to prepare their businesses and their teams for working from home or transitioning to cloud-based technology. As many people adjust to working from home, Jackson has seen the challenges and the opportunities that arise from such a sudden shift. He’s a big believer in clear communication when getting people on board with changes that will ultimately help everyone work. Teams will have a much easier time adjusting to changes if there is communication and commitment to implementation.

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