Creating Revenue by Solving Specific Problems | Jamie and Company

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Creating Revenue by Solving Specific Problems | Jamie and Company

What sets you apart?

To a layperson, marketing seems to be akin to fishing with a cast net: chuck the net out and see what gets pulled back. That kind of thinking is an oversimplification of both. Just as cast net fishing requires smooth motions and a targeted area to aim for, so too does marketing.

You might be asking, “What’s all this about fishing? And how do I know where to aim my marketing??” First, it’s a fun analogy and we’re all about having fun around here. To answer your second question, you create a target for yourself by deciding what problems you’re good at solving. Finding your niche helps you zero-in on those pain points that you enjoy resolving AND it helps you find the right kind of clients for your business. Today’s episode is filled with snippets of excellent advice on niching down and figuring out what sets you apart from the crowd.

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