Case Study: How Much Money Have You Left on the Table? | Jamie O’Kane

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Case Study: How Much Money Have You Left on the Table? | Jamie O'Kane

Not convinced that it's worth it? Let's take a look!

You might be thinking, "What?! Another ERC episode? Are you serious, Jamie??"

YES! I am so serious. In fact, today's episode is the first of a short series that will highlight some of our clients' success stories with the Employee Retention Tax Credit. We've been talking about this quite a bit lately, but for good reason! Several thousand to several HUNDRED thousand dollars could be waiting for you to claim. Imagine what a difference that much money would make for your business, your employees, and yourself!

Today, we'll be talking about one of our clients' experience with the ERC and the result. We'll talk about every step we took in our research, how the client qualified for the ERC, and the amount they were able to claim (spoiler: it's a lot).

To learn more and to access our ERC Eligibility Estimator, please visit:

Employee Retention Tax Credit Estimator

Are you interested in claiming the ERC? We're happy to help you! To access our Employee Retention Credit Analysis & Filing Services, please visit:

ERC Analysis & Filing Services

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