5 Tips to Grow Your Business in 2023 | Jamie O’Kane and Company

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5 Tips to Grow Your Business in 2023 | Jamie O'Kane and Company

Let’s get you to where you want to be!

As we start wrapping up 2022, we begin focusing more on 2023. Have you started setting goals for the next year? If you have or haven’t, here is a short list some of our favorite clips of things to inspire you to think a little bit deeper and set bigger goals.

1: Think about increasing your prices. Do your research! Ask your team of experts what is possible for you!

2: Be honest about who you are, what you can do, and what you aspire to be. 

3. Treat your people well and focus more on the work culture you’re building in your business. You can train people to do what you need them to do, but you can’t change their personality. 

4. Know your purpose and know your limiting beliefs. Identify what matters the most and as much of that as possible!

5. When it comes to marketing, put the focus on the things that YOU own: your website, your email list, and your brand. Social media is fantastic for getting your name out there, but it is ultimately not something that you have any control over.

We hope this small list gives you some frame of reference for what you can do to grow in 2023. We believe in you!

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