$275,000 in Tax Credits. Seriously. | Jamie O’Kane

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$275,000 in Tax Credits. Seriously. | Jamie O'Kane

Could YOU use $275,000 in Tax Credits?

I mean... it wouldn't hurt, right?? Imagine what you could do with several thousand to several HUNDRED thousand dollars to invest back into your business, your people, and yourself. The pandemic knocked the wind out of all of our collective sails and now's the time to start building back up. Let's go!

Today is our third installment of our ERC Success Story series. We're looking at another business that we've helped qualify and apply for the ERC. Let's go over some basics about this client's businesses, how we qualified them, and how much they were able to claim. Last but certainly not least, we'll go over what it takes to qualify and how you can go about figuring out what you could potentially claim!

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