$1.5 Million in Employee Retention Tax Credits | Jamie O’Kane

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$1.5 Million in Employee Retention Tax Credits | Jamie O'Kane

And that number keeps going up!

You read that correctly. We’re still working with clients to help them claim the Employee Retention Tax Credit! Is it hard? Meh, not really. It is worth it? That’s a resounding YES!

Today’s episode is the final installment of our ERC success story miniseries. For one final time, we’re taking a look at another business that we’ve helped qualify and apply for the ERC. We’ll start by covering some basics about this client's businesses, how we qualified them, and how much they were able to claim. Last but certainly not least, we'll go over what it takes to qualify and how you can go about figuring out what you could potentially claim.

The Abundant Beans Team hopes that you’ve enjoyed this miniseries. We also hope we have helped you learn a bit more about the ERC in general. Additionally, we hope that we’ve been able to showcase what our firm does. Y’all, we’re so much more than just tax returns! We are committed to helping people grow their businesses, meet their goals, and live their very best lives.

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