Employee Retention Credit

Things to Know About the ERC + ERC Eligibility Estimator Tool

The Covid-19 pandemic has been the single biggest trial for business owners in recent history. The ever-evolving benefits, regulations and restrictions have left many of us with whiplash. It’s no wonder many practice owners are uncertain if they used all the available small business relief provisions.

If you are a practice owner, you should be uncertain because you have likely overlooked one of the biggest opportunities to claim actual cash that can be used in your business. How much cash?

How much cash could you save with the Employee Retention Credit?

Our low estimate for a two-doctor practice with 8 support staff is $75,000.

Yes, I said "low estimate"!

Interested in learning more? We have two options for you:

  1. Check out the Abundant Beans podcast episode all about the Employee Retention Credit. You can watch or listen to the episode!
  2. Visit our blog to read more about the Employee Retention Credit.

How to get started?

I made a simple, free estimator so you can get an idea how much you might receive from the ERC program.

ERC Eligibility Estimator

Enter your info to download it, follow the instructions to enter your amounts as indicated and then let's claim those credits!

If you want us to do all the work for you – sign up for our ERC Credit Analysis & Filing Services.

ERC Eligibility Estimator

We made y'all a super simplified spreadsheet to see if your business is missing out and estimate how much you may be missing out on. Download it, follow the instructions to enter your amounts as indicated and then let's claim those credits!


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