Let us assist you with the Employee Retention Credit

Payroll is not our thing but we are making an exception with ERC because helping businesses survive and thrive is our thing.

Employee Retention Credit Analysis          & Filing Services


Step #1: Fill out the form below

You will submit your completed form, ERC Analysis payment of $1,195 and all requested documentation.

Step #2: Review & Confirmation

We will review your submission, confirm receipt of your documentation, and give you an estimated turnaround for step 3.


Step #3: Your ERC Analysis

We will complete your detailed credit calculations for the known quarters and then provide you with a report that details the results of our analysis.

View a Sample Report.

Step #4: Approval & Filing

You will approve your analysis and agree to our price to do the filings (no surprise here it will be 10% of the credits calculated) then we will get to work on providing you with the filings to complete, sign and mail.

Then sit back and patiently wait to receive your refunds!   (yes, it may take awhile, it's the IRS)