We help veterinarians keep more of what they earn with proactive tax planning!

Have life and business changes left your taxes in rough shape? No judgement here! Whether you’ve experienced unexpected growth, bought a new practice, or just need a trusted expert who can quickly find the holes in your tax strategy, Abundant Beans can develop a tax plan that helps you reach your goals.

What we do & how we can help you:


Does your tax return come as a big (not-so-fun) surprise every year?


You’re not alone. Running your own practice doesn't leave a lot of extra time for reviewing QuickBooks reports or brushing up on the latest tax code changes. And your tax preparer probably doesn’t have the time or resources to explain everything to you.

So even when you manage to pay your taxes on time (and without any slaps on the wrist from the IRS), you can’t help but wonder…

Should I really owe this much money?!

Let’s face it, most business owners don’t know the answer to that question. And most CPAs treat taxes as a once-a-year thing that just needs to be dealt with.

I think you deserve to know the answer to that question. And I know that when you’re finally in control of your business taxes, you’re able to reach your goals so much faster.

We can solve your trickiest tax puzzles and guide you on the next steps

Because we specialize in tax planning for veterinarians, we’re able to see possibilities that other CPAs miss and identify ways to help you keep more of what you earn.

We’ll work with you collaboratively so that you can…

    • Have the knowledge you need to make smart business decisions
    • Feel confident that your books and tax returns are accurate
    • Avoid uncomfortable surprises at tax time
    • Focus on the highest and best use of your time (you know, like running your practice or spending time with your family)

Let’s make sure that your taxes are working for you, not against you.

Our Services Include


Proactive Tax Planning

Most tax planning is reactive, rather than proactive. We use a proactive approach to help you reach your goals and eliminate surprises.


Tax Preparation

As part of our maintenance services, we’ll handle your tax preparation each year. We want to make sure you get the tax savings you deserve!



Overwhelmed by your business books? We can help you figure out a monthly or quarterly plan for managing your books.

Stop leaving money on the table with our proactive approach to tax planning


Step #1: Schedule a Tax Discovery Session

One of our tax experts will review your business and personal tax returns, answer all the questions you’ve been too embarrassed to ask, and show you how much money we think you can save. The investment for this session is $445.


Step #2: Get Your Personalized Proactive Entity & Tax Planning Strategy

Once your session ends, the Abundant Beans team really gets to work. We’ll combine your unique business needs with our obsessive knowledge of the tax code to give you a step-by-step roadmap for paying less money in taxes and keeping more money in your bank account.


Step #3: We Execute Your Strategy

It takes proper implementation and documentation to make your custom plan work for you. We’re happy to help you find the specialists and strategic partners you need.


Step #4: The Confidence of Strategic Maintenance

From here, we offer ongoing support that will take taxes fully off your plate. Our maintenance packages are designed to keep you moving toward your goals (and leave room for unexpected life and business changes).

What Our Clients Have To Say:

Jamie’s knowledge and ambition are spectacular, as is her desire to help her clients.

Brandon Rains

Jamie is whip-smart, confident, and personable, a great listener, extremely knowledgeable, and willing to dig into research to find correct answers and advantageous strategies.

Cindy Trice

Jamie and her team are awesome. They have helped us establish our new businesses and provided amazing assistance in our growth.

Keith Reeves

Meet Jamie and the Abundant Beans Team

I’m Jamie and I’m a tax nerd. So you know all of those tax issues that are giving you headaches? Yeah, those are my jam.


But I didn’t always have the pleasure of solving complex tax puzzles at work. When I started my career, I didn’t have time to troubleshoot problems and develop proactive solutions. My job was to work with as many clients as possible.

So when I started my own firm, I knew I wanted to do things differently. I believe that every client deserves attentive, personalized help. That’s why Abundant Beans only works with a limited number of clients in a collaborative capacity.

We love partnering with veterinarians to help them solve their financial problems and reach their goals.

In other words, if you tell us where you want to go, we’ll show you how to get there.


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